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Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are highly visible, prestigious volunteers who serve as the Chamber’s primary liaison to new Chamber members. Considered the goodwill arm of the Chamber, the Ambassador committee plays an essential role in member communication and retention, and each Ambassador is charged with conveying member needs, questions and concerns to Chamber staff, keeping our Chamber in line with our members’ desires.


Upon their appointment, each Ambassador makes a commitment to build lasting relationships with the Chamber membership, particularly new members, in order to build a loyal, committed membership base that will continue to support, participate in and invest in the Chamber.

About the Program & Commitment

Ambassadors actively promote membership in the Chamber, facilitate networking among members and encourage meaningful participation and involvement in Chamber programs in order to enhance the membership benefits received by each member, strengthen member commitment and increase long-term member retention. The Ambassador program is coordinated by the Ambassador Chair, Ambassador Vice-Chair, and Chamber staff.

Ambassadors will each receive monthly new member assignments, and Ambassadors can expect to spend 1-3 hours per month on their Ambassador duties. Ambassadors are expected to attend at least one monthly Ambassador meeting per quarter, a minimum of four per year. The Ambassador Committee meeting time and date will be determined at the organizational meeting.


Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Connect with us today to learn about being an Ambassador of the Greater Lenawee Chamber of Commerce.

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