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About Us

During the 2021 year, the Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce and the Tecumseh Area Chamber of Commerce worked through a merger to create one Chamber that would be for the greater Lenawee County area. This then formed the Greater Lenawee Chamber of Commerce. The GLCC was officially established toward the beginning of 2022.

Now with the knowledge and experience of the two former Chambers, the newly merged Greater Lenawee Chamber is growing into a large entity full of information and opportunities for it's members.

In any community, it is from the profitable operation of business that all other benefits are derived. Only by succeeding in this elemental foal, can a community provide jobs, ensure a high quality of life, and produce the wealth to finance the governmental, civic, and charitable needs that the community is faced with every day. The Chamber is engaged in a diverse range of activities to accomplish the primary goal of profitable operation of business within the greater Lenawee County area.

Meet The Team


Sean Dennis



Brittany Cole

Office Manager


Austin See

Member Relations Manager


Megan Serin

Marketing & Events Manager

The Chamber staff members are available at the Chamber office by appointment. Please email or call ahead to schedule a meeting. For any questions regarding Chamber Membership, please contact our Member Relations Manager, Austin See.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Greater Lenawee Chamber is a catalyst - a common vehicle through which things get done and through which the enlightened mutual interests of all segments of the business community work together for the common good of the entire community. A better community means better business and the Chamber is working diligently for a better community for everyone.

The Chamber is a Michigan non-profit corporation and has the status of 501c6 under the Internal Revenue Code. The Chamber is not a governmental unit, nor is it a private business. It is governed by a 16 member Board of Directors. These community leaders volunteer their time and abilities to ensure that the many programs of the Chamber are carried out. The Chamber is funded through the membership investment dollars provided by its nealy 300 member organizations and through monies raised through programs, sponsorships, and fundraising activities.

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